A Level English Coursework Mark Scheme

A Level English Coursework Mark Scheme-45
AO3 is a bit trickier and I suspect is where you're losing your marks.You need to include different critical interpretations (Feminist, Marxist etc.) of novels and include quotations from specific critics. I'm assuming you did Spec B and the Aspects of Narrative stuff?in poetry what form has been used) to see how the author has highlighted meaning.

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I am so frustrated with my inability to do english exams, especially because it's meant to be my favourite subject Thanks x Hi, I don't know which exam board you take, I'm WJEC and they sound very similar to ours.

The AO1 should be the easiest as its basically how well you write (fluently and coherently) but expressed using lots of technical terms (asyndeton, ceasura etc) AO2 means you have to specifically look at the language and structure (i.e.

I was supposed to get an A in the exam but got a D - I can't comprehend how it went that badly. I'm assuming you did Spec B and the Aspects of Narrative stuff?

I've spoken to people from other schools who have said their schools are experiencing the same. My teacher said she went on a conference about last year's results and showed examples of who got an A and who got an E.

AO2 is just your understanding of the text, as well as the question.

Making answers relevant with plenty of support from quotations from your novel will make sure you hit this AO easily.I don't mean to sound cocky and arrogant, but I really am top of my class in English and my essays are used as examples for the others and my understanding is supposedly good. So I wanted to ask: 1) The official mark scheme thingy says AO1: articulate creative, informed and relevant responses to literary texts using appropriate terminology and concepts and coherent accurate written expression AO2: Demonstrate detailed critical understanding in analysing the ways in which structure, form and language shape meanings in literary texts AO3: Explore connections and comparisons between different literary texts, informed by interpretations of other readers But what do the AOs ACTUALLY mean?& can you give me examples of what would be appropriate to write for each AO? how many points for each AO) and how many paragraphs for the essay altogether?She said that it was clear the E grade candidate understood the text better, but they didn't focus on the narrative aspects of the texts.I'm not assuming you didn't or anything like that, but obviously many excellent candidates didn't get the grades they deserve.Also dont be afraid to challenge the view in the quote eg "this critic says Larkin is depressing and pessimistic in his portaryl of love however in poems such as 'blah' he presents a more traditional view" ask if anything is still unclear x I'm on AQA this year; something was ******.More people got FULL MARKS last year than got A's this year.and how much it really is down to the person who's marking it? I was the only A in the exam in my school, which was a massive shock to everyone.Although it was probably a fluke as the exam is so subjective and reliant on a nice examiner, I did make sure I followed the mark scheme on the AQA website and after results day it turned out I was the only one who'd read it.AO1 you should be hitting all the time, naturally in your essays.As you're supposedly top of the class I don't expect you have any trouble with this.


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