A Philosophical Essay On Man

A book on men's sexuality, especially men's sexual frigidity, their rejection of their own bodies, and their attraction to young girls in their early teens and school uniforms.This book has provoked a variety of emotional reactions from readers, scholars, and the mass media.After publication, this book provoked a variety of emotional reactions from readers, particularly regarding my interpretation of men's frigidity after ejaculation and the psychological roots of the Lolita complex and uniform fetishism.

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Readers should note that the term "male frigidity" is used in this book with a completely different sense from that found in sex therapy.

In this book, "male frigidity" means a mental, existential state after ejaculation, which may deeply influence men's sexuality and their relationship with women.

I don't want to write about the contents of this book in detail here.

I assume you will be able to imagine them from the table of contents below.

The Essay on Man was originally conceived as part of a longer philosophical poem (see Pope's introductory statement on the Design).

In the larger scheme, the poem would have consisted of four books: the first as we now have it; a second book of epistles on human reason, human arts, and sciences, human talent, and the use of learning, science and wit "together with a satire against the misapplications of them"; a third book on the Science of Politics; and a fourth book concerning "private ethics" or "practical morality." The only part of the scheme, therefore, which was fully completed was the four epistles of the Essay on Man.

This book needs to acquire a wider audience in this sense.

University of Tokyo - "The first-person narrative of the author is more logical and sincere than those theories which hasten to explain sexuality in terms of biological desire or social power.

Japanese feminists have slowly begun to refer to this work in their writings.

This book is now considered a seminal text in Japanese men's studies.


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