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Antigone undoubtedly wins the vehemence of emotion among the audience.Her positive side is seen when she claims Polyneices’s right to be buried in a religious way so that his soul can rest in serenity in the eternal life.Antigone also shows her optimistic side when she tries to defend Ismene after Creons’ guard caught her.In order to determine whether Antigone is the tragic hero, one will have to answer the question, what is a tragic hero?According to Aristotle, “The tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness, he/she is not perfect, the hero's downfall and Creon calls Antigone as a princess even though she is no longer a princess.Using one of our topics will help you write a quality paper.Antigone is a character of ancient Greek mythology.She has earned a lot of reputation and respect to lose, only because of her high status.People who consider Creon as a tragic hero state that Antigone no longer has a high status in Thebes after her father’s death, so she is not eligible to have a high social position.The younger brother, Polyneices, marches against Thebes to take power from Eteocles.The myth about this event is recounted in the tragedy of Aeschylus, “Seven Against Thebes.” Both brothers of Antigone die in battle as a result, and Thebes is then ruled by Creon, the uncle of the heroine.


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