Are Sports Stars Paid Too Much Essay

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Are Sports Stars Paid Too Much Essay

Fans spend money on team merchandise like tickets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and baseball caps.

Finally, what really puzzles me, is how athletes get upset when athletes say that millions of dollars won't be able to support him and his family, and that they need more. He is on a six-year million contract, with million guaranteed.

What puzzles me even more, is how after holding out for weeks, and sometimes months, the owners give in and pay them what they don't deserve. In simpler terms, that means that despite currently being recognized as one of the biggest busts of all time, and even if he were to get injured tomorrow and never play again, he will still have million in the bank.

If the public didn’t have anything to do with what these athletes got paid, the athletes wouldn’t be making nearly as much as they are now.

A lot of professional sports are a big hit in today’s society.


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