Argumentative Essay On Andrew Jackson

Argumentative Essay On Andrew Jackson-26
In any ways he can be viewed as a king, rather than the common man that he was when he grew up.Jackson instilled fear in many, and behind his back was called “King Andrew” jokingly.Andrew Jackson won the most popular votes but not the most Electoral College votes.

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Andrew Jackson opposed the Bank of the United States because it was run by rich and was mostly for the rich people and did little to benefit the common.

His main reason for opposition was that he did not believe that one bank should control all the financial strength in the nation.

Andrew Jackson considered himself a spokesperson for the common man.

Jackson generally favored policies that benefitted the common man (who were mostly farmers) and was against interests of the eastern merchant classes.

Henry Clay came And nearly 90 treaties were signed with them.

But Jackson believed that this policy should be supported by the government and also provide them with whatever they want.During his presidency, Jackson was recognized for his influence on the role of the common man and democratization of American government to a point.Many of his acts and choices including the Spoils System, Indian Removal Act, etc show this.Andrew Jackson had a strong affect on the comman man during his presidency.Although Jackson’s impact on the comman man seemed to be great and helpful for everyone, for many people, it was the exact opposite.The title was a joke but in many ways described his presidency.More than often he did away with the laws of the constitution and followed his own ways.He also believed that the bank was unconstitutional.President Jackson: Common Man or “King Andrew” Andrew Jackson was a strong president who used his title to pursue his own agendas.Jackson believed that most government jobs required no special skills and that his supporters were just as likely to be good at it as the people who had held them.This showed that basically anyone could get a job within the government without being prestigious or rich.


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