Assigned Risk Plan

You may be ineligible for coverage - even through the Plan – if you failed to pay an auto insurance premium within the last 24 months, or if you have failed to bring your car in for inspection by an authorized insurance rep within the last 12 months.

Happily, if you pay your bill and/or bring your car in for inspection, you can apply through the Connecticut Plan right away.

If you remain in the high risk category after three years, you can apply again through the Plan.

You may wind up with a different insurer, as assignments are made based on market share, not your individual preference.

This coverage may duplicate insurance you already have (like health! Here is a table of the types of optional coverage available to you through the CT ARP: Connecticut ARP does cover antique vehicles – those older than 25 years.

As long as you and your insurer can agree on the actual cash value – how much you’d get if you sold it in the open market – then you can obtain coverage for that amount.

If you wish to buy phsyical damage car insurance for your car, through the CT ARP, you can either buy both Comprehensive and Collision coverage as one, with associated deductibles ranging from to ,000 per accident, or you can buy just Comprehensive coverage alone, with the same deductibles as mentioned.

Connecticut also offers Basic Reparations Benefits coverage, which covers medical expenses and lost wages in case of an auto accident.

Once you are assigned to an insurer, the company must cover you for three years (unless you violate the terms of coverage).

It’s a good time to improve your driving record, so that you may become eligible for the cheaper Connecticut auto insurance rates that are available in the voluntary market.


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