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Carpe Diem Beverage Company is a new company based in Ogden City, Utah which has developed a new energy drink product named Carpe Diem that intends to exploit the marketing opportunity that currently exists while at the same time delivering a superior healthy product to consumers.This paper outlines a strategic marketing plan for the introduction and marketing of Carpe Diem energy drink in the US market.

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The soft drink market in the USA has been declining gradually in the recent past which has been attributed to health concerns about carbonated sugary drinks (Rosman) and the effects of the global financial recession which has caused consumers to abandon non essential purchases (

At the same time, healthy beverages such as ready to drink teas, bottled water, fruit juices and other non carbonated drinks have experienced steady growth (

The market was estimated to be worth $4.9 billion in 2008 and was expected to reach $12.8 billion by year 2013 (Heckman, Sherry, and De Mejia).

This offers a very lucrative opportunity that is attractive to new entrants in the beverage industry.

The brand also utilizes natural energizers such as green tea extract, ginseng and guarana which in addition to being healthy are also antioxidants (Heckman et al).

Thus, Carpe Diem delivers similar levels of stimulation while it contains less unhealthy content.has developed a healthy, low caffeine, and low sugar, fruit based energy drink which it intends to manufacture and distribute using highly advanced, socially and environmentally friendly techniques.The company will invest in continuous innovation to improve both the product and processes.Threats include a strong reaction from established and resourced competitors and possibility of imitations and launch of similar products by competitors After considering the SWOT of the new company, there are considerable opportunities for the new product in the market and the level of threats is low and manageable.I therefore recommend the marketing plan to be implemented.Energy drinks first appeared in Asia in the 1960’s (Heckman et al).At the time their ingredients contained vitamins, taurine and ginseng and were used for many years to provide sustained energy, reduce mental and physical (Heckman et al).Carpe Diem energy drink is a superior, healthy product because it uses real fruit as its base products rather than carbonated sugars.It also uses artificial sweeteners which have low calorific contents.To create and sustain mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its partners who include employees, distributors, suppliers, customers, shareowners and the community in which the company operates.Its vision is to achieve its mission; Carpe Diem Co.


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