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Clearly defined goals with a number to hit will also motivate your competitive side.Once you have three of these written down, it’s time to decide how you’re going to hit those numbers.

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The final thing you have to do with your real estate business plan is put the nuts & bolts together.

This is the section where you take your three big priorities and layout how they will be achieved.

A critical part of real estate business planning is determining your breakeven point.

What average commission rate do you need to achieve per unit to break even each month?

When your starting out, you need to focus on getting your first 10 clients to say yes.

You need to find 10 people that want you to be their agent. You need to get short, small wins before you tackle big wins.Can’t see how this real estate business plan template works?Here’s an example: You can see how I picked 5 things to support each priority.For example, a person who is focusing on capturing 50 web leads for month might have the following 5 strategies for their priority: Here’s a hint: The articles we write at Easy Agent Pro are usually strategy based. Simply go look for 5 Easy Agent Pro articles, and you’ll instantly have 5 strategies to implement to achieve your social media goals.Bonus: If you really want to make progress with this real estate business plan, you’ll want to establish deadlines for everything on your plan.An optimal business plan for real estate agents includes firm goals, but it’s also fluid — you’ll want to update your real estate business plan as you grow and the market evolves.A real estate business plan allows you to stay current with market trends and ahead of the competition.I highly recommend using a real estate crm, calendar, and project management system to stay on point.There are simply too many things to do as a business owner.How many homes must you sell at your average commission rate to break even by your target goal?In the past six years, the housing market for first-time buyers in the Pacific Northwest has grown an average of 3% annually.


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