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In fact, the Babylonians never really commented on the Gardens, all of that work was left up to the Greeks, suck as Strabo and Philo. s soldiers reached Mesopotamia that they brought back stories of Babylon? They told stories of the Gardens and palm trees, of Nebuchadnezzar?s palace, of the Tower of Babel and the Ziggurats, and of the city walls.Alexander the Great captured the city in 330 BC and had plans to rebuild it into the capital of his vast empire. After 312 BC, Babylon was used as a capital city by the Seleucid dynasty set up by Alexander? s usage as a capital was temporary, once the real capital of the Seleucid dynasty was built, most of the inhabitants of Babylon moved there, and the city almost disappeared before the coming of Islam in the 7th century AD. t really hang, that term just comes from the loose translation of the Greek word kremastos, or the Latin word pensilis.

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These stories were circulated around, and through the imagination of poets and scribes, the story, or even the story of the existence of one of the wonders of the world came to be.

Almost everyone that wrote about the Gardens can not lay claim to ever seeing them.

The city of Babylon (gate of god) has a pretty interesting history it? All that remains of a city that was once the largest in the world is a large area of ruins on the East bank of the Euphrates river.

It was the capital of Babylonia in the second and first melennia BC.

The actual appearance of the Gardens is much disputed as well.

Berossus, a Babylonian priest of about 200 BC described the Gardens as a brick terrace about 400ft square and around 75ft above the ground.

Populus euphratica from the only known population in Spain was studied using genetic fingerprinting (AFLPs) to evaluate the level of genetic variation in the population.

Three primer combinations were used, giving 132 interpretable bands.

The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon Essay, Research Paper The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the most controversial wonders of the world, simply because their existence can not be proved or denied.

Many early historians talked about the Gardens, many did not.


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