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This year, 2,000 in calf scramble scholarships will be awarded to 67 students. It’s the kind of place where “Old School Cool” is fun, fashionable and hip for everyone.

Opening her eyes she looked up into the rare-view mirror, where her eyes and her dad’s eyes met. Jake and I are rodeo-bums, to be specific, calf ropers.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit call (817) 877-2420.

- The Puppy and the Calf Kivah sunk back into her big-kids seat, petting her baby poodle Buttercup for comfort. "The thing could barely stand." ("The Bull Calf" line 1). We have just pulled out of El Paso and are on the way to Fredericksburg to participate in the Frontier Days Rodeo.

[tags: Papers] - The White Buffalo Calf Woman The Lakota Sioux Indians of the Great Plains possess rich religious traditions which are tied closely to the Earth.

Though the relegation of these people to reservations amid the environmental disasters of American development has resulted in the near destruction of an ancient culture, some Lakota Sioux continue to fight for the preservation of their sacred lands animals, civil rights, and way of life.


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