Careers Involving Problem Solving

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This causes an obscurement of the thought process, and the person fails to take note of the big picture. Collecting information pertaining to the problem and associated data is essential for comprehending the problem. Using the problem objective and gathered data as a basis, determine possible challenges that may come about and the possible opportunities that are present inside of it.

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TRIZ (or TIPS – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) was created by Genrich Altshuller and his coworkers. This strategy is meant to cultivate the creation of patentable inventions.

However, the technique is also helpful for developing non-product solutions.

The Thinking Skills Model is a system with many entry points determined by the task at hand (center hub) or situation.

The construction in this model is in agreement with our current web-like interrelated view of the world.

It depicts the distinctive core of each stage by renaming.

While the bubble and accordion (diamond) CPS models offer rational, logical approaches to CPS, providing an overt course of action, this model tells you what happens.

Pinpointing the challenge or goal and delineating your preferred output is the basis of the CPS strategy.

At times, people pay no heed to certain essential aspects about the problem or take something for granted to solve it rapidly.

It is so simple to move your attention away from the aim and to come up with answers to the incorrect problems. Our mind detects ‘conceptual blocks’ that comprise hurdles such as commitment, complacency, compression, and constancy.

These hinder us from thinking creatively and developing fresh concepts or ideas. You have selected the best probable solution that is both actionable and satisfies the requirements for success.


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