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Sometimes, teen depression may result from environmental stress.But whatever the cause, when friends or family -- or things that the teen usually enjoys -- don't help to improve his or her sadness or sense of isolation, there's a good chance that he or she has teen depression.The doctor will also look for signs of potentially co-existing psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or substance abuse or screen for complex forms of depression such as bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness) or psychosis. The doctor will also assess the teen for risks of suicidal or homicidal features.

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Your mental health care provider will determine the best course of treatment for your teen.

If you have questions or concerns, discuss them with your health care provider. A large number of research trials have shown the effectiveness of depression medications in relieving the symptoms of teen depression.

One key recent study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, reviewed three different approaches to treating adolescents with moderate to severe depression: At the end of the 12-week study, researchers found that nearly three out of every four patients who received the combination treatment -- depression medication and psychotherapy -- significantly improved.

More than 60% of the kids who took Prozac alone improved.

But the study confirmed that combination treatment was nearly twice as effective in relieving depression as psychotherapy alone. Adolescent suicide is the second leading cause of death, following accidents, among youth and young adults in the U. It is estimated that 500,000 teens attempt suicide every year with 5,000 succeeding. Family difficulties, the loss of a loved one, or perceived failures at school or in relationships can all lead to negative feelings and depression.


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