Caught In A Traffic Jam Essay

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Tony and his HERE traffic team have spent nearly two years studying the problem and trying to tease out every variable they could think of that affects traffic.

They profiled traffic behavior and identified over 100 different ways that traffic can behave on a given stretch of road. The system selects a profile that describes this combination.

Russia’s other large cities did not rank significantly better than the capital. Igor Morzharetto, the deputy editor of the Za Rulyom driver’s magazine, told RBC that the mayor’s efforts to improve traffic flow were insufficient.“The Mayor’s Office is putting all its weight behind solving this problem, suggesting [for drivers] to switch to public transportation while limiting the number of parking places and raising their cost,” RBC cited Morzharetto as saying.

Drivers in Krasnodar, which was ranked 24th in the list, spent 57 hours in traffic last year, while drivers St. But while these were all correct policies, “what is desperately missing is the construction of park and ride facilities,” he added.

terrible traffic has been infamous for a while now, but in the past year it has come to feel like an existential threat.

The first snowfall of last winter, in early December, paralyzed the city.We all know that that is not how forecasting is done.” Traffic prediction is a very different problem to traffic reporting, and a much harder nut to crack.The reality is that traffic congestion is a hyper-local problem (it depends on the particular set-up of roads and usage demands in each city), which is why it is often so hard to predict.“There are dozens of different variables from weather to holidays to events that can affect how traffic is moving on a given stretch of road.You have to take them all into account if you want to properly analyze and understand how traffic is moving.” What feels like common sense about traffic - that a road is packed on the weekdays but empty on the weekends, is often far more complex.Only Los Angeles, where drivers spent 102 hours a year or 12% of their driving time in traffic, was worse than Moscow, according to the report.In New York, drivers also spent 91 hours in traffic, but traveled freely more often, with only 13% of their time stalled. and Russia shared fifth place in the study for the average amount of time spent in traffic (41 hours), after Thailand, Indonesia, Columbia and Venezuela.That night, a popular anti-Kremlin blogger, making his way along the river in the center of town, encountered an ambulance driver standing outside his vehicle throwing snowballs lazily off the embankment; he’d been in traffic so long, he explained, that his patient was now dead.Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who takes everything that happens in the city very personally, perhaps because over the years he and his wife have come personally to own a good chunk of the city, reacted decisively: he blamed the meteorologists. If they didn’t start forecasting better, there would be trouble.The occupants of the Mercedes escaped with superficial injuries; the Citroën crumpled like a paper bag, and the driver and her daughter-in-law—both doctors—were killed. The police claimed that the Citroën was at fault, but automobile activists quickly found witnesses who said that the Mercedes had crossed over into the central emergency lane reserved for ambulances and police cars, and then into oncoming traffic. / I’ve got a suitcase full of cash to get me out of trouble.” The song’s chorus expressed the class conflict at the heart of the matter: “Get out of my way, filthy peasants.Especially infuriating was the Mercedes itself, a black S-500 with a siren: for years, these besirened black Mercedeses had been running red lights, using the emergency lane, and otherwise tyrannizing other drivers. / There’s a patrician on the road.”On a Monday morning a month later, two young women from the Caucasus set off bombs during rush hour in the center of the city.


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