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It is banned in China (and a handful of other totalitarian countries), which is probably one of the worst mistakes a wannabe "modern" country can make.

I confess that I am both a daily user and a financial supporter of Wikipedia.

Computer-assisted plagiarism detection also is widespread in computer programming classes.

University computers can also potentially spot cross-student trends in centralized disciplinary records, although the implications of this are still unclear.

The works of Charles Dickens have long since passed into the public domain, and anybody can reprint them.

Therefore, if you pretend to be the author of a passage from Oliver Twist, you are not infringing on a copyright, but you are still plagiarizing.Universities expect their faculty to be scrupulously honest in their research and in the presentation of their findings, and they treat even small infractions as extremely serious offenses against academic morality.The same expectation is extended, appropriately, to students, and anything but strict honesty is treated as "cheating" and is taken quite seriously.Unlike most professors, I've tried to include some of the less obvious stuff (Page Outline) An important category of cheating is plagiarism, that is, quoting or closely paraphrasing the writings of others while leading the reader to believe that you are the author of the text.(The word derives from Latin plagium, "kidnapping.") Plagiarism is not the same thing as copyright infringement.The academic enterprise involves encountering the world as it actually is, warts and all.Thus honesty about facts, sources, ambiguities, ideas, errors, inspirations, and so on lies at the very heart of what universities are about.) be used as a source for almost anything one cares to learn about.It can be an inspiration, a pointer to sources, and a quick-and-dirty overview.That said, some professors dislike Wikipedia, mostly because it makes gathering information for student essays too easy (!), but ostensibly because it can contain errors and/or becuase it diverts students from learning how to use other sources that are closer to the actual research and reasoning on which published scholarship and student termpapers (and Wikipedia articles) should be based. Wikipedia is by no means a primary source (except perhaps for the study of Wikipedia itself), and perhaps even more than other sources) not necessarily 100% reliable.


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