Child Beauty Pageant Persuasive Essay

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The ladies believe that being included in a beauty contest is their way to enter into the professional world.Child beauty contests have become increasingly common and increasingly controversial in recent years.With entrants ranging from 3 to 18, some see the practice as a form of child abuse and child sexualization, while defenders see it as a means of teaching children important life skills such as determination and confidence.All I am saying is that there is nothing degrading to a beauty contest. With all the splendor, fame, brilliance, and glory: absolutely not. In her tender age she is a self-described “modern-day female samurai,” who prides herself on having a great sense of independence.She is an international ballet dancer and a linguist. You don’t have to choose between having a family or career, you can do both” (“Miss Universe 2007”).He said in an ideal circumstance, whoever is most qualified would win despite the consequences of what they look like.“Anything that emphasizes the importance of physical appearance is harmful no matter what gender is involved, but the idea is much more institutionalized for women. Julianne Hetrick (freshman-nutrition) said contestants should have to appear fit since they are serving as role models who should encourage and persuade people to struggle for good health and nutrition.The persuasive essay needs an excellent topic which can be written about in the span of the pages you are allowed for your assignment.In some cases your teacher will assign you a topic and in other cases you were given the freedom to select a topic of your own choosing.


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