China Eastern Airlines Seat Assignment

China Eastern Airlines Seat Assignment-62
We asked staff to see if they could reunite us given that my wife was pregnant and I couldn't leave her alone for the duration of the flight.

We were really impressed and will travel with CE again.

When I eventually got to the entrance of the plane, my arms gave way (under excess strain) and both the stroller and suitcase fell onto the floor.

A flight attendant asked why I brought the stroller up and I explained angrily that there was no ground staff to receive it and that I brought it up in fear that it would have been left behind otherwise.

It looked like staff were not expecting such a simple request and were looking at us as if we were criminals for making such a request!

When we got onboard, we saw lots of seats are empty and could have easily been allocated to us. When my partner politely asked for a glass of water, the air hostess rolled her eyes at him, let out a huge sigh and pulled a face like it was the most inconvenient thing to be asked!


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