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[tags: Earthquakes Geology Essays] - Earth has many natural disasters that affect billions of people every year.Whether it is hurricanes, torrential rain, snow storms, or even tornadoes.[tags: Earthquake, Seismic wave, Love wave, S-wave] - What are Earthquakes.

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The residents of the Kathmandu Valley experience small tremors nearly every day, whether they can feel them or not.

The world and the nation is waiting for the 'next big one' to terrorize the small country....

[tags: Plate tectonics, Earthquake, Tsunami, Earth] - Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Tsunamis As someone who has never looked deeper into earthquakes and tsunamis before, I have always been curious about what causes them.

Most people know that plate tectonics play a key role in the creation of earthquakes, but what exactly are plate tectonics.

The underground surface along which the rock breaks and moves is called a fault plane.

Earthquakes in Australia are usually caused by movements along faults as a result of compression in the Earth’s crust.” “Some of the most complicated phenomena in nature depend upon the simplest and most obvious of causes, but there are several...

[tags: Earthquakes] - The Kathmandu Valley and the Constant Terror of Earthquakes One important climatic feature that plagues the South Asian region of the Kathmandu Valley is earthquakes.

A few severe earthquakes have taken place in the country's history and caused many deaths and nearly irreparable damage to impoverished Nepal.

The magnitude of the shaking varies depending on how great the movement along the fault is; the greater the movement, the bigger the earthquake.

Some earthquakes are huge and cause significant damage, while others are small and cause little or no damage what-so-ever....


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