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The sessions are taught face to face by professionals who are passionate about their subject and supporting students to succeed.

They are qualified, and often have extensive experience within the industry or the sector being studied.

All teaching staff meet or exceed the requirements set by the awarding institute or body.

Many of our students are working professionals so we have split the classroom days into manageable chunks.

You will only need to take time off work for a few days at a time and there is also sufficient time in between the blocks to self-study and complete assignments.

Assessment takes a variety of forms from practical tasks to written assignments set by the CIPD.

The pass requirements and the marking standards are set and approved by the CIPD.

A typical offer for this course would ask for the entry requirements to be met, however, all offers take individual applicants’ experience and qualifications into account.

An addition two units to complete the Level 5 CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Management Level Seven CIPD in Human Resource Management Students on the programme MUST become CIPD members; this gives access to all the information on the CIPD website – - and local branch meetings.

Level 3 is the Foundation level in Human Resource Practice or the Foundation Level in Learning and Development Practice.

A CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate is a popular entry-level qualification, it offers comprehensive coverage of essential subject areas and provides a firm introduction to HR and L&D in a wider business context.


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