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28] If you only want the references to appear in your bibliography without giving an in text citation, enter the following commands at the end of your text; \nocite to appear only one citation from the file \nocite to appear all the citations available in the file The below command is to cite multiple references within your text.You should include all the citation keys within the curly brackets separated by commas; \cite Note: Go to Using other reference management programs with Bib Te X Ref Works, End Note, Mendeley, Jab Ref and many other reference management programs can export existing records to your Bib Te X file in Bib Te X format.

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Two former UBC graduate students have each developed a La Te X class for UBC theses.

To the best of our knowledge, both classes will assist in producing a correctly-formatted UBC thesis.

With this facility you can get your references exported to your Bib Te X file very easily without entering/editing them manually.

The steps below will assist you to export references from End Note to Bib Te X file: The following commands will insert the bibliography in your document.

Note: the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers these links for information only.

Requirements have changed since they were developed, and using one of the classes does not guarantee a successful submission. Provision of this information does not constitute a recommendation to use La Te X for your thesis.You can find many easily installable and usable Te X distributions on the CTAN website as well as important support documentation.Please also visit the La Te X Project website for more information and instructions.Note: If you add "Parts" to your thesis, you will need to make sure that the listing in the table of contents has leader lines (dots).You do not need to use 1.5 or double line spacing if you are using these templates correctly.You and your supervisor are responsible for ensuring that your thesis meets the formatting requirements.You may choose any computer program you like to write your thesis.La Te X is widely used by scientists, engineers and other academics, because it makes it easy to typeset any complex mathematical formulae.Below is an example of a simple La Te X document in its plain text form and the final PDF output. The distribution contains the typesetting system as well as many packages that you may use when writing La Te X documents.This template was developed by another former UBC graduate student.It's different from the La Te X packages because it is built for a forefront piece of software called Ly X.


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