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How do your preferences / likes align with resources and programs offered at Columbia University? Consider that whatever and whenever you do should bring you fun only!

While working on this task, you should be as honest as only possible.

On the other hand, you could also list a few TV shows to show your passion for theater, cinematography or music.

Finding an eye-catching topic that displays your passion for or interest in the surrounding world (verbal, visual, physical) could assist you in transforming your pleasant experiences into an outstanding look into the recreational brain of yours.

You can be tempted to dwell on the longest and most pleasant masterpieces or most amazing titles, but in order to create the most unique and authentic list of your favorite readings, you should give an answer to the questions. Home tasks should not be your most profound assignment in the world, thus, ask yourself: What books / stories motivated you to read, work, and handle all your challenges yourself? Take into consideration that the full scope of options (including books, textbooks, reference books) and do not afraid to choose the texts from those subjects that you did not like or was not very good at.

What has surprised or impressed you in the last year? Keep in mind that this assignment is aimed at revealing your “self” as well as show other people the way your mind is working.It is the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of New Yor...A college application usually comprises different transcripts, test scores, resumes, CVs and other stuff!To complete such a list, you should skillfully and carefully between towering and suspicious platitudes (such as “intellectual”or “diverse”) as well as words / phrases that merely reflect what you have read on the websiteof Columbia University.Instead, brood on each of your likes / preferences: What qualities / features does your teacher share?You can put different questions to the students, take some notes, and try to find specific programs, experiences as well as people that can excite or inspire you.In your essay, you should simply dwell on the most inspiring things or people that you have managed to find out or get acquainted with during your search or tour. Ask yourself: what do your experiences, interests, skills reveal about YOUR –“ SELF”? Consider that Columbia University does not simply want to find out why you would like to apply for it, but specifically and significantly, what things you “value most in it.” Assessing your research, you should give an answer to: what is the commonest idea in everything presented on paper by me?Could you choose items that relate to a common topic in surprisingly novel ways?Could you turn something serious into something humorous?Consider that you should be very careful and try to avoid panderingor self-aggrandizing choices.It is recommended not to commence your list with Ulysses, Crime and Punishment, Collector, 1984, etc. Read it from the beginning to end, and loved or enjoy each second of it.


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