Community Ecology Essay Question

Community Ecology Essay Question-5
The rotation of crops, contour ploughing and use of proper fertilizers help in maintaining the fertility of soil.

Major aerosol pollutant in jet plane emission is (a) sulphur dioxide(b) carbon monoxide(c) methane(d) fluorocarbon. (d): Aerosols are chlorofluoro-hydrocarbon compounds released into air with force in the form of vapour.

Main source of aerosols is the emission of jet planes, where fluorocarbons are used.

These chlorofluorocarbons deplete the ozone layer in the higher atmosphere.

These CFC’s have produced a hole in the ozone layer.12.

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The regulation of water resources to prevent flood will help not only in soil conservation but also supply an adequate water supply in the period of drought.10.

The relation between algae and fungi in lichen is (a) symbiosis(b) parasitism(c) commenalism(d) protocooperation. (a): Algae and fungi in a lichen show symbiotic relationship.


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