Comparing Hinduism And Buddhism Essay

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About the beginning of the Christian era, when the Mahayana form of Buddhism appeared, many changes took place in the older system.

The Buddhist monarch Kanishka championed the cause of the Mahayana Buddhism which began to spread outside.

A common Indian man could at once worship all Gods together, Vishnu, Siva, and Surya and together with them, also Buddha.

The Indian intellectual could speculate and developed belief or disbelief towards any or all.

His daring attack on the priestly supremacy in religious and social life of the people made him a hero among his countrymen.

And his sermons on the noble existence of man drew princes and paupers to his feet.The Brahmanical order did not object to the tenets of Buddha, because Hinduism was too liberal to accommodate all types of higher opinion within its all pervading fold.But, at the same time, the priestly class, which depended on rigid religious practices, could not like the Buddhist opposition to the existing social organisation and orthodox religious life of the people. Both in Buddha’s time and more so after his death, Buddhism was seen to break away from the old faith of the Hindu India.In further course of time, Buddhism remained as the religion of the vast masses of the Asian people, whereas the people of India abandoned it.The reason for this has been a subject of learned discussion.It is this change which brought Buddhism nearer to Hinduism as time passed.A critical question relating to Buddhism and Brahmanical Hinduism has dominated the intellectual thought, namely, how could Hinduism “Push away organised Buddhism from India?It was natural, thus that the old orthodox order looked at Buddhism with apprehension, even if the Brahmins themselves felt attracted towards Buddha and his noble path.Ultimately, the Buddhist movements became wide-spread because of his moral impact on popular mind.Buddhism emerged from the depth of the ancient Aryan spiritual faith.The principles which Buddha propounded were already there in one form or the other in the ancient scriptures of the Hindus. Rhys Davids, “Gautam was born and brought up and lived and died as a Hindu”. He challenged the systems where they deviated from original intentions and laid the greatest emphasis on the principles of absolute morality, purity, virtue, equality and human values which the ancient seers had preached but the later society did not observe.


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