Computers As Teachers Essay

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“Here, the teacher could easily have been given a role in the game as an editor who could send texts back to the pupils and ask them to make improvements,” says Sørensen.

“But instead the teacher comes in at the end and sees the finished product, and that’s where the teachers are left thinking that the pupils did not get much out of the game academically.” ------------------------------- Read the Danish version of this article at Translated by: Dann Vinther Today CO2 is removed from industry by using molecules called amines, which react with CO2.

Teachers often believe that the children don’t learn anything from playing these games, but that’s usually because the teacher hasn’t played an active role in the games.

(Photo: Colourbox) But even though the games may improve the children’s English language skills, this potential often overlooked in schools.

But it turns out that the kids really like the competition and the challenge in the games.” The researcher believes that the greatest obstacle to introducing computer games into schools is that many teachers find it hard to relate to the games.

”The use of computer games in teaching is still a novelty, and many teachers do not play computer games in their spare time.The research project has mainly focused on so-called serious games, which differ in general from the so-called ‘play and learn’ games in that they do not necessarily seek to entertain the children.The primary purpose of the serious games is learning, and these games are often research-based.They make little or no effort to ensure that the pupils actually learn anything from playing the games and they don’t go into detail like they would in traditional teaching.But it’s not only the teachers who are responsible.”We can look into how the pupils can improve their ability to structure sentences and their ability to grasp the subtleties of the language they’re using in the games.We have found that if we base our language teaching on this interest, there may be a lot to gain academically.” Playing computer games in their spare time also increased the children’s awareness of the practical value of the formal teaching they received in the classroom.But computer games at school and in children’s spare time is actually a good way of supplementing the conventional teaching.This became clear to Birgitte Holm Sørensen and her research colleagues when they recently interviewed a number of Danish schoolchildren, aged 12-14.DTU has developed a new method using molecules from the human blood to remove CO2.The new technology could help prevent climate change.


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