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Our fracking industry, energy industry may have contributed 20,000, but if Mr.

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I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.

contains an interesting example of concession right in the very opening lines.

He tries to turn the accusation back against Mayella Ewell, the girl who originally accused Tom Robinson of a crime.

In this closing speech, Atticus concedes the point that Mayella has not committed a crime in falsely accusing Tom.

Atticus also makes the concession that Mayella herself is a victim, though not of the crime on trial; she is a victim of poverty.

Yet Atticus affirms that these concessions aren’t enough either to sympathize with what she has done or even what she has undergone.

Yet she believes—and argues—that mercy is an even more impressive thing for a leader to wield.

This is because leaders don’t necessarily need to show mercy, and in so doing they show the power of their character.

Authors also may choose to write concessions to the audience as if guessing what the audience is thinking about a certain situation and writing in response to those assumptions.

These are often the more interesting concession examples, as they set up a perceived dialogue between author and reader that, although it is actually one-way, seems to include and challenge the reader.


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