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In essays we’ve been taught to write a success criteria in our introduction.

Feel free to msg if you'd any clarification or further detail. I'm designing an essay writing course and feedback is useful. I do WJEC A-level but would assume in many ways that the techniques are very similar.

Format your thesis like "the object is valuable, because" Now consider the criteria for evaluation essay you will use in your evaluation.

This is probably the most difficult part of the writing work.

The usual answer to this is find some debating sources and say one says this, another says that.

Then say - with further separate source material from somewhere else why YOU think one should be given the greater credence.

- Each of your points must be developed with examples, details, facts, statistics, quotations, etc. Or you might analyze the original argument through a careful chain of reasoning.

Please remember, though, that general statements are usually unconvincing; readers expect specific support.

I wasn't sure about the definition of this either so I took a look at this above goes into considerable detail - or appears to - of what "criterion" in the context of A level essay writing means.

I can't say it is actually very clear, and I've read some very opaque stuff over the years.


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