Critical Thinking Exam Questions And Answers

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Prior practice is an important part of the Watson Glaser test as it is for any other test.The correct answer based on the candidate’s personal perception might be different from the answer that will be true for the context given in the problem.Therefore, only the information specified should be utilized while arriving at a solution.Regular practice helps you become acquainted with the format of the exam and the questions you might expect.It strengthens the ability of you to identify logics and analyze their validity.Thorough knowledge of the number of sections and number of questions in each section beforehand may help you divide the time appropriately among all the sections.The statements in the question or the passage may use double negative or other tricky word combinations that might be difficult to decipher and confusing to interpret. A divide and conquer technique may be used to figure out such a statement.The questions may have multiple perspectives that should be factored in while determining the solution of the given problem.You may have to analyze the problem from different viewpoints and arrive at a solution after evaluating the merits and demerits of different choices at hand.Analyzing the statements that are interdependent or related and determining the nature of the logic between them, i.e., whether it holds true or is fallacious helps in arriving at the correct conclusion.Prior knowledge of different logical fallacies that the questions may contain and adequate practice can help you identify if any false logic exists in between the statements of the passage.


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