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It is important to go into the pitch with an open mind, ready to make adjustments to your well-thought out plan. Once you, your customer and your team are all on the same page about the solution, it is time to execute.During this time it is important to continually check in on your progress to ensure that you are meeting your deadlines and are within your budget.To help with this, ask yourself the following: Once you have evaluated each possible solution, select the most appropriate and move on to the next steps.

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With practice and continual feedback from management, call center agents will implement these steps with relative ease.

Doing so will go a long way to providing top-notch customer-centric customer support.

If you provide excellent customer service and follow procedures, complaints should be rare. But customer service means taking the good with the bad.

Let the customer voice their complaint without interruption.

Analyze the metrics pre- and post-implementation to see if there has been a significant improvement.

If there is room for improvement, start from step one with an open mind and an eager attitude.

In order to be successful in a customer-centric company, call center agents must be skilled at resolving both the routine issues as well as finding effective solutions to more complex problems.

Problem solving may seem like a pretty straight-forward process at first glance.

If you need to re-work you plan, make sure that you appropriately manage the expectations of all parties involved.

Once you have finished the implementation process, you should analyze the results.


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