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His ingenious concepts in many subjects and technological inventions were so advanced for the 14th to 1 5th century technology that even some 20th-century inventors, like he Wright brothers, pulled from his work.There have been a lot of theories on Dad Vine’s life and on his paintings and it is believed that “Last Supper” contained hidden messages, which Dad Vinci encoded in the painting himself.First, there is a level of mystery surrounding its creator, Leonardo Dad Vinci.

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Whoever thought seeking knowledge by asking questions could be so dangerous?

Then again, the Catholic Church’s history of atrocities toward people who ask the wrong questions is well documented, and so the events in this fiction are rendered possible, if implausible, by association.

The bottom line is that , for all the books and movie tickets it sold (the film earned some $217 million in United States ticket sales alone), still does not surpass the limitations of being an uninvolving thriller.

Howard’s direction doesn’t have the personality and Goldsmith’s writing doesn’t have the punch to enliven this story with fleshed-out characters.

It brought up a huge scandal on Jesus that, e and Mary Magdalene were lovers and in fact there was a child (or children) between them.

In the novel, a secret group, “Prior of Soon,” protects the descendants of Jesus until today.

The book and movie take admitted liberties with history, but they also have some truth to them.

Yet because they demand that the audience question doctrine, ardent religious followers are upset because Heaven forbid anyone questions their dogma, which serves as a hearty commentary on the fragility of religious belief.

In need of help, our heroes visit Anglophile historian Sir Leigh Teabing (Sir Ian Mc Kellen), who informs them of what they’re looking for.

Mc Kellen steals the show in his supporting performance, both lively and clever, with more personality in his little finger than both Hanks and Tatou portray combined.


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