Didactic Program In Dietetics Coursework

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Have a minimum of 120 credit hours (some colleges or majors require more); 2.Have an overall Grade Point Average of 2.00 or higher 3.Some hospitals/physician offices may require a current tuberculosis test be on file for students participating in activities in those facilities.

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Be enrolled at Marshall at least one semester of the senior year 10.

Have transferred no more than 72 credit hours from an accredited West Virginia two-year institution of higher education. Colleges and specific programs may have unique requirements that are more stringent than those noted above.

Several DPD and non-dietetics required courses are offered every-other-year; therefore a suggested course sequence is provided for students entering the program in either even or odd years.

Students admitted to the program prior to fall 2017 should use this suggested course sequence.

Prospective applicants must contact program directors for current information, including application deadline dates.

Programs will provide application forms and detailed information on program requirements, tuition, and financial aid upon request.Students admitted to the program in fall 2017 or after should use this suggested course sequence.Students are encouraged to meet with their undergraduate advisor each semester for course and career advice.If you already have a bachelor’s degree that is not in dietetics and are interested in becoming a registered dietitian, you should have your college transcript evaluated by a director of a dietetics program accredited or approved by ACEND.Because the policies, procedures and costs for the transcript evaluation may vary from one institution to another, you may want to contact more than one dietetics program for further information.Students enrolled in the DPD will complete a variety of courses to enhance their knowledge and skills related to food and nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, management, and education/counseling.Required courses include food & nutrition courses such as lifespan nutrition, community nutrition & chemistry of foods; science courses such as chemistry, physiology, anatomy & microbiology; medical nutrition therapy courses; and management courses.The DPD provides the required dietetics coursework leading to a bachelor's or graduate degree.Graduates of CADE-accredited programs who are verified by the program director may apply for Dietetic Internships to establish eligibility to write the CDR registration examination for dietitians.This is usually completed in 8-24 months depending on the availability of a part-time schedule or requirement of graduate credit.Individuals completing the program who are verified by the program director are eligible to write the CDR registration examination for dietitians.


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