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The food doesn't just fall down the pipe, muscles push the food along until it gets to our stomach.

Chewing - Chewing is the first stage of the digestive system.

When you chew your food it breaks up big pieces into little pieces that are easier to digest and swallow. It has special enzymes in it that start to break down starchy food (potatoes, bread) while you chew. Swallowing - Swallowing may seem like a simple process to us. But food doesn't just fall down our throats into our stomach.

The stomach kills a lot of bad bacteria as well, so we don't get sick. Small Intestine - The first part of the small intestine works with juices from the liver and pancreas to continue to break down our food.

The second part is where the food gets absorbed from the intestine and into our body through the blood. Large Intestine - The last stage is the large intestine.

Table 3 provides an overview of the basic functions of the digestive organs.

Visit this site for an overview of digestion of food in different regions of the digestive tract.Food enters the mouth, where the work of the digestive system begins.Chewing, which takes place in the mouth, seems simple enough - teeth tear and crush the moistened food to a fine paste until it is ready to be swallowed. Teeth are anchored in the bones of the jaw by a network of blood vessels and nerves that enter through the roots of the teeth.Its walls produce a powerful combination of enzymes and strong acids, and contractions of its smooth muscles thoroughly mix the food as you swallow.The duodenum is the first of three parts of the small intestine, and its the place where most of the chemical work of digestion takes place.However, in order use food, we must first break it down into substances that the various organs and cells in our body can use. The digestive system acts in stages to digest our food.Each stage is important and prepares the food for the next stage.The pancreas provides additional enzymes to help digest all sorts of food.The liver also processes the digested food from your blood before it gets sent to various places in your body to be used.We call this "going down the wrong pipe" and it can make us choke. Food hangs out in the stomach for around four hours.This flap is called the epiglottis and, fortunately for us, it works automatically. While the food sits there, more enzymes go to work on it, breaking down things like proteins that our bodies can use.


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