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This section will not provide you with the perfect guide to writing your dissertation, but it will encourage you to keep in mind some of the smaller points that you won’t necessarily be told about during your dissertation classes. We’ll warn you now, your dissertation classes are not cartwheels and balloons about how amazing dissertations are; they are realistic and informative.

Some of you may be further ahead than the information that the class will be covering, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend. And if you are particularly anxious about being away from your work and feel your time would be better spent doing it, then bring your work to the class, you can always do bits and pieces while your lecturer is covering a section you already know about.

The aim is not to stress out about how long it takes; the aim is to just be aware of how long everything really takes.

One of the first hurdles you need to get over at fourth year.

It seems like such a simple thing, but believe me, there is nothing worse than going to enter your data in If your research design is some form of analysis (e.g.

theme analysis, content analysis, discourse analysis, bow-tie analysis) of data generated in interviews; then think about WHO you want to interview and HOW you're going to find them.

If you leave it all to the end you are making more work for yourself.

We’re telling you this in hindsight, because Hope left all her data entry until the last minute and she hated it.

Our point is this won’t be something you can just ‘wing’ and write in a day.

Take some time over it, and remember to be realistic about what will be accepted.


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