Dissertation Topics In Public Health

Applicant: We seek outstanding prospective Ph D candidates with strong applied mathematics or statistical skills and a keen interest in applying these to important scientific and policy questions.It is not essential that the applicant have experience in infectious diseases but potential candidates should have a first class Honours degree or Masters degree with excellent grades.

Grant funding can help students concentrate on completing their degree, but it's rare for master's theses to receive grant funding outside of the natural sciences.

An easy way for MPH students to tap into available funding options is to focus their research efforts on a specific disease like cancer, HIV/AIDS or heart disease.

This comparison may explain the strong evidence for over-diagnosis occurring in Australia, but not in New Zealand.

The research project involves obtaining past College pathology test results of breast tissue (de-identified except for age, sex, country of residence Australia/New Zealand at the time of the test, and other specified variables), and comparison of rates of classifying test sample lesions as invasive breast cancer between Australian and New Zealand-based pathologists.

How to apply: Please contact Professor Richard Taylor before applying and send in an 1 page CV.

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However, in other population screening settings, screening-related over-diagnosis of breast cancer appears absent, including in New Zealand.

Breast cancer is determined by a pathology finding, and the absence of evidence for breast cancer over-diagnosis in New Zealand may be related to differences in how pathologists classify a lesion as a cancer in Australia compared to New Zealand.

Pathologists in Australia and New Zealand belong to the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia.

As part of pathologist continuing medical education, College members regularly partake in testing, and thus it should be possible to ascertain whether test results of pathologists involved in appraising breast tissue differ substantially according to whether they work in New Zealand or Australia.


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