Dissertations Introduction

An introduction to a dissertation is a page that follows an outline of this scientific paper.

It invites audience to participate in a discussion over raised in a piece questions or statements.

It should clearly state the problem to be solved in the form of a research question or hypothesis and be clear about the need for the research and its significance.

The Literature Review/Theory will set your research against a background of what is already known about the topic in question, and be clear about the gap to be filled and the significance of this.

Be ready to invest time into comprehending secrets of grabbing reader’s attention with an introduction to your work, figuring out a short way of conveying your main goals, focus, ideas, and explaining it briefly.

In our guide, we have gathered all of the important information you should consider about this chapter to make it good and worth reading.

Each chapter develops a subdivision of the purpose of the thesis or dissertation.

The Introduction gives background knowledge that supports the reason for undertaking the research and an organisation statement.

The Methodology section gives detailed information of how the information in the dissertation was obtained.

It should persuade your readers that the research was done well so the results can be believed.


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