Divorce Case Studies

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As always, keep in mind that court results often differ markedly even in cases with very similar facts: Jennifer and Peter were married for 18 years before their divorce case went to court.

At that time Peter was 52 years old and Jennifer was 48.

The entire amount would be permanent alimony, and therefore taxable to Jennifer as income and tax deductible for Peter.

How would Jennifer and Peter’s case be analyzed under the reformed law?

Neuday found herself confronted with an assortment of challenges and choices, many of which were financial in nature. Neuday had additional hurdles to contend with, namely; limited term alimony, an increasingly uncooperative ex-husband and a poorly written divorce agreement.

Property Settlement Agreements (PSA’s) serve as the divorcing parties’ “blueprint” for addressing topics ranging from equitable distribution, alimony and child support, to the time sharing of children.

We created a realistic lifestyle plan, (which accounted for the limited term of alimony).

It included defined long term investment objectives and a portfolio that would best maintain the lifestyle she desired. Neuday had already opened new bank accounts and established credit in her name.


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