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If you choose to examine only one case, you should provide a careful indication of the relevance of your case and its potential for generalization.Case studies are fine as long as you demonstrate a good command of the case, and strongly argue the non-triviality of its analysis.These serve as an entry point to capture the reader’s attention.

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The length of the entry phase depends on the stage of development of your dissertation project.

Ideally doctoral students have already a concrete idea at the admission what kind of research they wish to do in the next years and have already contacted a potential supervisor (or even have an acceptance from a supervisor).

Explain what kind of case it is and provide some theoretical reasons for looking at it (N. not just because it has been in the news recently, or because this particular case has not yet been covered in academic research.

Remember that a research gap is not yet a research puzzle that is worth answering).

Moreover the research proposal is an important planning instrument that helps you to structure your perennial dissertation project and to realize your doctoral thesis step by step.

The clearer you define your research questions, approach and goals, the easier you will manage the realization.Try to focus there on your research question and to explain why it is an innovative and interesting question to ask. Proposals should be in either good English or French (proofreading is always a good strategy), well-structured with suitable headings, and be clear and legible. ) Begin the proposal by clearly stating either the central problem or puzzle which the dissertation will address, be this empirical, theoretical or both.Another good way to begin a proposal is by stating, where possible, your central point, idea, or claim.The research proposal plays a major role when planning your research and doctoral thesis project.It is a thematically and methodologically concise description of your doctoral thesis project.Every project has to be planned from the beginning on in order to be completed successfully – also and especially in scientific work.The entry and concept phase is meant to concretize the dissertation project and to write a research proposal.Try to achieve a balance between feasibility and ambition.The state of the field Present and discuss the answers that the available literature offers the research question addressed in the proposal succinctly. ) List the research operations you will conduct, and justify why these are the best solutions to tackle your research question.The feasibility of the project is not an issue in many proposals, but could become a potential concern in some of them.If you think that this might be the case, you might say a few words about it.


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