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If you’re like me and have a door inside your home that frequently gets caught by the wind and slams shut then this is the article for you.

If you’re like me and have a door inside your home that frequently gets caught by the wind and slams shut then this is the article for you.In this article, I will be talking about how to prevent a door from slamming, either from the wind or an angry child. There are many ways to stop a door from slamming shut, but one of the best ways is by installing anti-slam door hardware like an There are numerous other ways to avoid door slammings in your home or office, and that is what we will be exploring below.

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Walking away, he turns back and says gently, “Thank you for leaving that door open.” I guess that is all we can do.

There was a door on the back wall of our storage closet.

I make rounds with other health-care volunteers, charting symptoms and passing out over-the-counter pills. One seat over, a slouching young man, hoodie shadowing most of his strong face, taps me on the shoulder and asks if he can have some vitamins, too. So another volunteer, Sara, and I ask if he would like to talk in a private room. In the close confines of a 10 x 20 office, he talks about the unbearable and the unspeakable. He tells us he lives on the streets and showers at the gym. He wants the past to simply wash away, the way the soot is swept off the feet other volunteers are washing in the next room. I’m a strong believer but hesitant to talk about God, especially with someone who has endured as much as this kid has. My convoluted words are carried by my sideways adventures with Merton, my trucking around with Whitman, my digging around with the Qur’an and Upanishads and Tao.

As I hand them to him he casually reveals that his father did terrible things to him when he was a boy. The young man asks the big question: Do I believe in God? I know many believers who were born and raised in the faith, who are practiced and relentless, well-spoken and shiny. Yet he turns to me more often than I feel at ease with, asking what I think.

Mother leaned unobtrusively over the sink and gave a gentle tug on the thin, strong cord that had been run to the closet as an alert system. I passed through multiple doors, went through security, waited to be buzzed through multiple gates.

Our guest was already ready to act, having heard the racket downstairs. Finally I got to the lobby, where I gathered with others.This door was cleverly hidden, so that it seemed to be part of the wall.My mother then hung all kinds of stuff in front of the wall to hide any sign of the door, even from the family.We were not to play there or to tell any of our friends about it. The German occupation required all young men to serve in Germany producing weapons.Those who refused were called : they went underground. Our house and our neighbor’s house formed a duplex, sharing a full-length wall.Door slams from the wind are of course more prevalent for doors leading outside, especially storm doors. I needed space of my own (and to make a bit of a mess).On occasion my girls’ doors are cracked open and I get that same sort of soul peek. I try to leave my own life’s door at least cracked for friends and family.I am sometimes even invited in to view the full-on mess. It’s not my natural inclination, but I rarely regret it.It happened that our closet lined up with a similar one on their side.A carpenter created a door to allow the onderduiker to pass from one closet to the other.


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