Drill Team Essay

I remember how important it was to schedule around the times I would be at dance practice and around school work. The benefits from dance can be useful your whole life.

Dancing has brought me countless hours of entertainment and the feeling of self-fulfillment. Dancing over the ages has been a way to bring people together.

Led by Academic Team Commander Evan Schlifstein ‘19, Overall Drill Team Commander Gianni Defelice ‘19, Color Guard Commander Ashton Raymer ‘20, Unarmed Team Commander Shyann Laporte ‘20, and Athletics Team Commander Alex Oi ‘19, our team battled to a 10th place overall finish against a number of the best teams in the country.

Top finishers were our Academic Team which placed 3rd and our 200 Meter Relay Team which placed 4th.

On Saturday, December 1st, the AFA Drill Team completed its season by competing at a NJROTC Area 07 sanctioned competition at Gaither High School in Tampa.

Along with 19 other schools, our team challenged for trophies in Academics, Personnel Inspection, Basic Armed and Unarmed Drill, Color Guard, and Athletics.There are multiple variations that are taught: hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, jazz, and more, and each allows one to express moments, emotions and so much more.Primarily, dancing has provided me with wellness and education.An end of season celebration is planned upon our return from winter break. As time goes on, hear the word dancer, and you may picture Misty Copeland, a professional from the American Ballet Theater Company, leaping across the stage.For me and many others, dancing is a form of self-expression.Just as Pablo Picasso would put his heart and soul into his paintings, anyone can have a passion for art, in this case, dance.Everyone can benefit from the Primarily, dancing has provided me with wellness and education.Everyone can benefit from the aerobic exercise that dance provides.I started dancing at the age of 7, mainly because my dad was tired of me bumping into him during my dance sessions in the kitchen. This proved to be a look toward my future as this is what I competed in high school, and now what my college team is known for.Dancing never came super naturally for me, but it was very clearly my passion and source of happiness.


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