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When I sold my tenth item on e Bay, I received an email from e Bay itself!

When I sold my tenth item on e Bay, I received an email from e Bay itself!

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Along with that thought of buying the feeling of victory, in 2007, e Bay actually launched an entire marketing campaign called Windorphines, or the endorphins your brain creates when you win on e Bay.

Through a series of cute avatars, a “leaderboard,” and some phony doctor science, the Windorphins campaign shows videos of a laboratory where two test subjects are being measure on their “windorphin” values.

Sure, after some adrenaline-filled bidding at the end, you may have ended up paying 10% more than you otherwise would have, but you at least achieved victory over the 11 other bastards who were bidding against you! You feel accomplished, and the value of that happiness far exceeds the extra money you end up paying for the item.

On e Bay, you are not paying to purchase; you are paying to play.

By the way, this is what I now call a “Torture Break” (Game Technique #66), where a user must wait a duration of time regardless of her actions and incorporates Core Drive #6: Scarcity & Impatience.

When I finally sold the two ticket for few hundred dollars, I was ecstatic. During this time, I noticed that the final price of an e Bay auction is usually determined by what part of the day the listing ends, as most people like to wait for the last few minutes to put in their bids and steal the deal.I continuously checked my listing, seeing if people would outbid the last bidder.Of course, it was life-endingly depressing when no one had put in a new bid after my FOURTH three-minute check!Call it Divine Will, fate, coincidence, or what have you; I drew out my own name from the box. ” At the time, I didn’t really watch any sports (later on, the UCLA Epic Meaning & Calling mentioned in the previous chapter turned me into a football fan, during the years I had the luxury to follow sports), and I thought, “Hmm, they mentioned this e Bay thing. ” I did some research on e Bay, and shortly after sold my two tickets through the platform (I hope the event organizer does not read my book).When I said it was my own name, everyone became astonished, and the event organizer joked with a wink, “Congratulations! That one transaction was surprisingly thrilling and fun for me.One of the most popular blog posts on my website is a list of the “Top 10 e Commerce Gamification Examples that will Revolutionize Shopping,” with my first choice being e Bay (Disclosure – I’ve worked with e Bay on a couple projects in 2013, none which are mentioned here).e is an online auction site that was founded in 1995, fairly early in the internet era.I would start to buy all the TI-83s I could find that ended their listings at 2AM, when no one was bidding against me, for , and then I would resell them when the auction ending time was late in the afternoon, when everyone was bidding against each other, for .Compared to all the boring mathematical theories of economics and college parties, this was the game that I needed to master.I was so excited about this Achievement Symbol (Game Technique #2), that I printed it out and put it on my dorm room for many years.Even today, I think it is still sitting somewhere in a box with my parents.


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