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Being born from different country is hard especially when your family decided to move to the US which most people are speaking English.

People feel like they are entering a new world, a new life for them, and different faces of people when they moved to the US.

Generations later, they were still speaking German at home; a small number were even monolingual in German despite being born in America.

Only with America’s entry into the first world war did German-speakers drop their suddenly unpopular language.

Most of the countries all over the world should know how to speak English because it is our universal language.

According to Lloyd Vries, “Not everybody learns English immediately when they come to this country.

They are seeing and witnessing different kinds of situations.

Some of them are having a hard time to speak in English because it is not their first language, or they never learn English when they were in their country.

In order for all the generations to understand and learn the history of the United States, everything must be written or spoken in one universal language.

If the entire nation speaks a different language, the culture will not be preserved.


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