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In this interaction they usually learn various aspect of life which they would not have learnt in class. These challenges usually give them a chance to learn how to solve similar challenges they may encounter in future.This thus implies that their mind develops all way round.In undertaking their duties, the students may be placed to be in charge of other employees depending on his knowledge and skills.

The managerial skills learnt at work are applied at school and usually have positive results (Williamson 6). Working students usually have time to learn how to interact and relate with other people. At school there is little possibility of the fellow students changing their social interaction.

At work, the people usually change work and the presence of new employees leads to the development of socials skills.

In the current times, the number of students who work while still undertaking their education is increasing.

This is usually found to have some effects on their academic performance and social life.

This paper seeks to compare and contrast how are the attitudes toward education different among students who work to finance their own education and students who do not vary outlining the differences and the reason for their existence.

There are student who usually work to finance their education.Due to the necessity of having to undertake the class work, this usually makes them improve their attitude towards education.This is mainly due to limited time to cater for the class work.For the students who do not work while studying, they usually face many challenges when they go into the job market due to lack of sufficient exposure in the field in which they were studying.Leadership is learnt through practice as well observation.In these countries due to lack of resources, the rates of illiteracy is usually high.Most of the children engage in economic activities and quit school.These students mainly engage themselves to work while still studying in order to cater for the deficit in their school fees.This arises from the competing needs for school fees, housing fee and general maintenance in the presence of limited funds to cater for them.They usually have real life experiences of the class work and are therefore most likely to understand various concepts better.This challenges necessitates the use of knowledge to overcome them and thus can improve the students appreciation for the knowledge and thus improve his attitude towards it.


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