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Even with this additional income, in many families, every member had to work, even the littlest children.

Sweatshops were often the first workplaces for new immigrants.

The Tulsa Council for Holocaust Education’s Thirteenth Annual White Rose Memorial Essay Contest For Middle, Jr.

High, and High School Students The White Rose organization, including brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl, felt compelled to protest the frightening environment in which they lived and studied.

In Russia, the May laws of 1882 restricted where Jews could live and their right to practice their religion.

Political activity and union organizing were legal in the US, and while immigrants could get in some trouble for their activism, they would not be executed or sent to labor camps.

Workers were not to talk to one another as they worked; they could not go to the bathroom unless they were on a formal break; the noise of hundreds of sewing machines was deafening; doors and windows were locked until the bosses opened them.

In both the sweatshops and the factories, workers often worked fourteen hours or more a day, six or seven days a week.

While some immigrated with their families, many young men and women came to America on their own.

They frequently sent money home to help support their families and to bring relatives over from Europe.


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