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While brand-name clothes have often been used to show off a student's social status, school uniform policies don't always discourage this behavior.Students can still show off their position within the school's social class with expensive cell phones, i Pods and jewelry while wearing a uniform. Not all school uniforms are flattering to every body type.Words from an study of Arizona State University: "Public School Uniforms: Effect on Perceptions of Gang Presence, School Climate, and Student Self-Perception," I am in favour in this debate. Children' freedom is restricted with school uniforms.

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Students who aren't able to explore their own personalities and express themselves as individuals, which occurs when wearing a uniform, may have their growth inhibited as they enter young adulthood.

Despite the best efforts of educators to promote an inclusive environment for all students, cliques comprise many schools.

The introduction of school uniforms may not be welcomed by everyone, including students who value their individuality and freedom of choice when it comes to wearing clothing.

If opposition to a proposed school uniform policy runs high within your student population, you can use some thoughtful arguments to advance your position in persuading school officials to ban uniforms from your school.

There are many students that infringe the uniform code because they don't feel comfortable with the clothes of it, but in my personal opinion it would be easier to follow a dress code with clothes chosen by students, because it's what they like and since they feel comfortable with their clothes, they will make a little effort to look more pretty following the school dress codes. Many people reply school uniforms are uncomfortable or ugly.

How many replies does schools get because they have school uniforms? So to stop get g this replies, school should abolish uniforms.In all likelihood, the selected uniform will not fit well on every pupil in the student population.Overweight and even underweight students may hear taunting and harassing comments made by their peers because of their ill-fitting uniforms.Why not to create a dress code instated of having uniforms?Like this, students will look well and can wear what they want.Regardless of their negative reputations, cliques allow students to express themselves and find acceptance within their individual peer groups.Having students wear uniforms may prevent students from forming peer relationships that are crucial to social development.It would be difficult for parents, they will have to search someone that make the uniform or buy an smaller or bigger size for the kid, but without uniforms, kids will have a lot of options to wear and that problem will go out. Instated of increasing it, many students can dislike the way they look with uniforms because their image is not the best, it is just limited If you think that wearing school uniforms reduce bullying, you are totally wrong.A 1999 study conducted by experts from Texas Southern University showed that bullying incidents increased 12%, after the implementation of mandatory uniform wearing in schools. The way in which I understand this point is thinking that seeing the same clothes over and over again can make people to get tired of doing it.It’s time to get our ideas together for the next class debate. The motion is ‘That this house believes that school uniforms should be banned’.


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