Essay About The Balance Of Nature

Further, she informs the reader of the ways chemical poisons upset that balance and thereby kill life.She constructed her argument with the help of a fable having an initial state of harmony and productivity, then a drastic and profound fall silencing rebirth of new life with the introduction of chemical poisons.All animals, insects, and even micro organisms play a role in the ecosystem.

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Nature and ecosystem in nature are in perfect harmony where every living and non living thing has a role to play in making the ecosystem and environment work perfectly so that all animals, plants, microorganisms, and non living things can coexist creating a perfect balance among them.

We, the humans have caused several imbalances in the nature for several thousands of years and now, it is the time we turned around and fixed some of the negative impacts on the globe.

These sensors are attached to their furs and later taken off or goes off when they molt.

Since the beginning of medical science, scientists have learned a lot about our own bodies and how our bodies faction by studying other animals in the nature.

Dogs have extraordinary talent to further conservation.

Dogs can be trained to perform various tasks, and there are dogs that live to work.If you liked reading this article or any of the articles on our sites, please leave us a few words of commits.We’d love to hear from you and it would also inspire us greatly and encourage us to share our views and thoughts with you.Dogs’ extra sense of smell can pick out plants and animals for further research and conservation.Dogs have been used for sniffing out drugs and bombs in special K-9 units of police and other services for a long time.Apart from providing us with a fine food product, and providing work for thousands of bee keepers around the world, they also help in pollination of most common plants around us.Most plants need service of nature’s pollinators and cannot fertilize themselves without the services from these insects.Sea lions are intelligent sea mammals that can be trained to monitor several conditions under the sea.They can go to places where few people have gone before, with specially outfitted equipments for monitoring ocean salinity, temperature, water pressure and so on.By studying other animals, we can learn a lot about ourselves and how our inner organs and cells work.To find out where life came from and how life evolved on earth, all animals on earth supplied us with bits and pieces of information.


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