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Once people get the knowledge regarding the negative impacts of the aforementioned factors, the problems facing us will have been halfway solved.

I always think that through education, we can avert most of the problems facing us in this world.

I still chat with some of my friends from back in primary school.

Some of the friends I have made in the pursuit for education have helped me out when I was in a tight spot.

Although some people may argue that people who know the law are the ones likely to break it (in this context education on importance of peace), I still think that if these people were educated they would not be capable of doing half of the horrible things they are doing right now.

Education was also a place for me to forge life long alliances.During my childhood days, I dreamt of becoming a doctor.I know many people dismiss such dreams as being “invalid” but I think childhood dreams go a long way in motivating a child to attain their goals.My dream was to become a doctor and save lives, education drove me to pursue it.I always had a feeling that education could solve the many problems of this world.Fighting and civil wars in the world are partly to blame for lack of education.If the masses had education on the invaluable significance of peace, most of them would not be up in arms against each other.It has been well said that life is, as we look at it, view or think of it.Some people have a happy view of life, and they are called optimists.No doubt, it demands tremendous effort and sacrifice. Many scholars have come up with different definitions for the concept of education.


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