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This progression will lead us to answer some questions which are specific to the very activity of writing: writing in what form? Indeed, the plots of the three novels he wrote before were set in the US for two of them and in an unnamed, war-torn country, possibly in Eastern Europe, for the third one.

According to Donovan, the stories in this collection were written over a period of fifteen years: most of them began life in the early 90s, were revised and re-worked many times; new stories were designed in the meantime; others were written just before publication.

Irony is characteristic of Donovan’s view and interpretation of the Celtic Tiger years.

As it is a permanent feature in the book, irony is also the thread that runs through our analysis.

) laisse à penser que l’objet du livre est une riche superpuissance, comme les Etats-Unis.

Or, l’intrigue de la quasi-totalité des nouvelles atteste que ce pays n’est autre que l’Irlande, sur laquelle l’auteur, Gerard Donovan, né à Dublin, écrit pour la première fois.

Ce titre, délibérément grandiloquent, fait allusion à la période de prospérité sans précédent vécue par l’Irlande à la fin du vingtième siècle et implique que celle-ci sera abordée avec précaution et scepticisme.

Bien qu’il ne le stipule pas clairement, le texte suggère, par de nombreux indices, que le Tigre celtique pourrait bien n’être qu’un colosse au pied d’argile.

Nevertheless, among these few publications, a book of short stories seemed attractive because of its ironic title: .

Although it refers to Ireland’s boom, the title, by its grandiloquence, implies that the Celtic Tiger, as it is going to be dealt with in the text, will be treated with caution and skepticism.


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