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The English glam rock band Mott the Hoople has Escher's parade of little reptiles crawling all over its 1969 debut album.But even though works like "Reptiles" and "Relativity" have been embraced by pop culture, Baer says art institutions, critics, curators and historians have long-dismissed Escher for being too whimsical, too popular, too mathematical — including her.“I too disdained him,” she admitted.

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She said at first, Earth from orbit — and Escher's work — could appear to be pretty simple.“You could just take a quick glance at it and walk by,” Stott told me on the telephone from her home in Florida.

Other riffs on Escher's "Relativity" show up in the movie "Night at the Museum" and on the animated TV show "Family Guy."Now, an original “Relativity” lithograph print from 1953 is hanging in a gallery at the MFA.

On a recent day at the museum, curator Ronni Baer walks over to another popular Escher titled “Bond of Union,” with its two human-like heads made of a spiraling ribbon that's surrounded by what could be described as tiny planetoids that seem to float in space.“This was ubiquitous in the '60s and early '70s as a psychedelic thing,” Baer said, adding that she knew Escher’s “Reptiles” from an album cover.

Also included are a few generalities concerning the drawings that can be applied to those that have certain aspects in common, thereby saving unnecessary repetition in the main discussion of the tessellations that follow.

• Comments on the 137 numbered drawings, with a considered analysis of each drawing in turn; essentially of two elements, comments concerning the tessellation itself, followed by an examination of the colouration and rendition.


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