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How then do we treat it in precise and careful writing?We offered some guidelines in our updated April 2017 article Writing Dates and Times.

De Shazo expressed appreciation for the support of his colleagues.

Capitalize proper nouns that specifically name a person, place or thing, unless a person, business or organization requests a lowercase first letter.

Sentence 3 incorrectly capitalizes the conjunction but.

The preposition about and the infinitive marker to (to ask), however, are correctly lowercased.

But don't lowercase the common nouns when the form is not plural: She can catch the bus on Third or Fifth Avenue.

Capitalize the proper names of nationalities, peoples, races, tribes and so on: African American, American Indians, Arab, Asian, Jewish, Latino, Muckleshoot, Tulalip, Puyallup. Many organizations adopt specific capitalization guidelines for their governing boards, facilities, job titles and descriptions, organizational structure, and programs, projects and plans.

Lowercase these common nouns when they stand alone in later references: the party, the river, the street, the sound.

Lowercase common noun elements of names in all plural uses: Democratic and Republican parties, Ackley and Messer streets, 154th and 156th avenues southeast.

People who care about language tend to deplore the slovenly habits of their …Another year of grammatical exploration has concluded with linguistic miles behind us.

What we’ve learned and discussed with you along the way has been illuminating, and we are grateful for the thought and insight it has inspired.


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