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Students attend school about seven hours a day, two hundred days a year.Homework averages two hours per night in high school.

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Readers should note, however, that each essay is complete unto itself; they were not written to yield a single coherent model in which all the pieces fit neatly together.

Several cover overlapping territory (e.g., technology, which is apt to pervade our future), and others yield differing predictions about the same phenomenon (e.g., national standards and testing).

Private tutors are hired to shore up academic weaknesses, and schools offer Saturday workshops for remediation.

The nation has come to realize that more time devoted to learning leads to higher achievement.

In these essays, members of the Hoover Institution's Task Force on K–12 education, joined by several keen-eyed observers, blend prediction with prescription to paint a vivid picture of American primary and secondary education in 2030.

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What follows is necessarily speculative, and readers may judge portions to be wishful thinking or politically naïve.

And higher achievement leads to better lives for children-and to a better nation. Evers: Standards and Competitive Rigor In 2030, Americans benefit from K-12 academics that are rigorous, but not stultifyingly uniform.

This pluralism emerged in the aftermath of President Obama's ill-fated project of creating a monolithic, inflexible set of national standards.

Fortunately, those trends will be disrupted by an enormous rate of change in curriculum design and information dissemination made possible by technological innovation. Whitehurst: Curriculum Then and Now In 2030 curriculum is at the fore of education rather than serving as it did 20 years ago in the shadow of reform efforts involving teacher performance, choice, standards and accountability, and school governance.

Students engage with curriculum in web-based environments that include virtual social agents.


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