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Needs: – Maslow and other scholars have identified a variety of psychological needs that drive our behaviors such as needs for esteem, affection, belongingness, achievement, self-actualization, power and control(Gale, 2002). Emotions: – it’s one of the five facets of emotional intelligence.Understanding your own feelings, what causes them, and how they impact our thoughts and actions is emotional self-awareness.

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Self-referral means that our internal reference point is our own spirit, and not the objects of our own experience. The difference between self-referral and object-referral is that object-referral is only temporary. Self-referral is the true Self and lasts for our entire lifetime. I meditate two times a day and after I have the feeling of complete calmness and I feel more aware. "Critical thinking" is a wonderful tool that humans can use to be self-aware and have a better understanding of their surroundings. Paul Herrick is a philosophy instructor at Shoreline Community College which takes a stand that critical thinking has to involve self-examination with a clear truth and honest self-examination because without it our critical thinking gets diluted with believing in something that we hope is true or want it to be true or on what feels good or on what pumps up the ego and validates their self-image. The aspect of the reading material that has stood out the most to me so far is that personhood and the "self" in relation to the broader world can be understood in relation to two key domains: a legal perspective and an ethical perspective. In turn, it highlighted how important a life with dignity and autonomy is to self-awareness and personhood. As such, I hope to let this new understanding of "self" and "personhood" guide the way I am a pati...

I can agree with Herrick that critical thinking invo... AIDS awareness is very important but the programs in effect are not working. In this speech I am going to talk about why the AIDS awareness programs are not working and how to make them efficient. Some ways to make a program effective, taken from AVERT, include Explain where to turn for help and support among peers, school staff, and outside faculties Stress that skills useful for self-protection from HIV also help build self-confidence and avoid unwanted pregnancy, sexual abuse, and the abuse of drugs Discuss clearly the possible risk through unprotected sex, and in equally...

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Without being aware of and understanding our own emotions, it will be difficult for us to move into the other emotional competencies like self-management, social awareness, or team leadership.

Self-improvement is also referred to as personal-development can be said as the improvement to one’s own mind and characterthrough one’s own efforts.

Key Areas for Self-Awareness include our personality traits, personal values, habits, emotions,psychological needs.

Personality: – Personalities can’t be changed, but values and needs are based on what we learn about ourselves.

The first building block of emotional intelligence is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is our ability to recognize our own emotions and their effects on us and others.


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