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And while some legislation exempted religious institutions from the nondiscrimination law, religious institutions themselves changed their own thinking about segregation and discrimination.

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So would the same apply to a university or a college if it opposed same-sex marriage?

” Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr., arguing for same-sex marriage, responded that without more specifics he couldn’t be certain but that it would definitely “be an issue.” This exchange caused the chancellor of Patrick Henry College in Virginia to write in that churches and faith-based educational institutions would have to decide what was more important, their religious convictions or their tax exemption.

Stronks doesn't think the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage will create legal threats for Christian colleges.

But she thinks it's time for many Christian colleges to change anyway. Hodges said that all states must recognize the fundamental right of marriage for both straight and gay and lesbian couples.

For decades Bob Jones University denied admittance to black students, but by the early 1970s it changed that policy.

It decided to admit black students but it kept its policy that said students would be expelled if they engaged in interracial dating.This student behavior rule was based on an interpretation of the Bible that suggested God intended the races to be separate.The Internal Revenue Service in 1971 barred tax exemptions to colleges that discriminated on the basis of race, and determined that Bob Jones University did so.The Bob Jones court applied the strict scrutiny test, concluding that even though the First Amendment protects religious liberty, religious freedom is not absolute.In this case, where the government wanted to elevate the protection of racial groups over the protection of religious groups, the government had to show two things.At the same time, conservative Christians who are worried about Obergefell get even more stubborn when the public labels them bigots for refusing to support something they truly believe to be harmful.It’s time for all of us to listen to each other and talk to each other more carefully.The Obergefell majority specifically said that it was not willing to limit religious freedom.Justice Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion, focused on the concern of religious institutions.Though the decision was cause for rejoicing among many, myself included, it has raised concerns for faith-based colleges and universities that define themselves according to worldviews that reject homosexuality.After reading Obergefell I think the concerns of these colleges are unjustified for a number of reasons.


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